Monday, 9 May 2011

A little more about the makers of my book :)

So a book doesn't just happen, there are so many things that go into it, I think this one has been about 7-8 months in the making and it's that quick because I had plenty of designs to fill it.

In addidtion to my 12 designs we have some other very talented people contributing.

Lily France aka Lily Kate Designs has not only done a fabulous pair of mitts for the book but was also one of our gorgeous models :)


This girl is SUPER TALENTED, and she is a sweetie and makes me laugh alot!! I am crossing my fingers and toes that we shall be doing a very exciting project together next year :)

Camilla our other gorgeous model: (her mum is Nicky Trench, the very amazing crocheter)

Here shown being silly....she too is a complete scream ;)


Secondly  Jen AC who blogs on here sometimes for me ;) she is just simply talented too, not only has she done a lot of pattern writing/checking/amending, coordinating getting things knit, organising the photo shoot, organising me everyday and goodness knows what she has done some beautiful designs too which are all amazing, but one of which I am pretty sure is going to be an uber hit. 

She is just amazing, I am astounded by her talents and sweetness and efficiency, and there is NO WAY this book could have ever happened without her, I already have her booked in for the next one!

Here is a pic of her arse, because she will find this funny!


Thirdly Nic, Nic has done all the layouts and designing of the book...if you are a retailer of mine you might have seen the gorgoeus new shade cards and newsletter which looks just incredible, she adds a zing of style to everything she does. When she came down to pitch her idea to me and Ms J AC, we weren't sure exactly whether we needed layouts and things like that doing.... Oh how wrong we were, she sat there and Jen and I were bursting at the seems with, OH MY GOODNESS there is no way she can't not work on this. Nic came back a few weeks later with some ideas for layouts, straight away I realised this was going to be something very, very special, the ideas were beautiful, and I just felt simply in awE of her abilities to make things look so good... Especially seeing as I am really so not good that that stuff. Not only that, but she is just so blimin lovely!!! So with Jen's amazingness and Nic's amazingness it felt like we had some kind of super team!


Next came the designers, Jen AC organised some designers who were wonderful additions to the ones we had, Belinda Boaden did a wonderful job with the treat she made, Judy Furlong as always came out on top again with one of her mind blowing lace garments wait till you see it, (I am leaving it to the end because its seriously good), and we had Elly's fab creations too.

Some designers knit their own samples (others of us didn't quite have enough time to knit them all) so we had a couple of champion knitters including my lovely Auntie Pat and Auntie Yvonne to knit some of the garments. One particularly champion knitter was the lovely Kim - she churned out things like you couldn't even imagine, it was down to her that the collection was complete and we will be eternally grateful.

So, we had garments, patterns, GORGEOUS layouts and lots of organisation...but the photos, urgh, I can tell you I was terrified of this bit... because everything else was so wonderful I wanted a photographer that really got the feeling of the book... I was so reluctant to book any random photograper cause I wanted it to be special (I was totally procrastinating about this to the point where it was getting a bit dodgy). Then Jen said to me, how about seeing as Lily is doing a pattern, her mum is a pretty awesome photographer... so I went to check out her photos I think I remember having so much relief I nearly cried..not that we had asked her yet!

So we asked Amanda if she would like to do the photography and she said just felt so right, her photography is absolutely spot on, beautiful and a little different and just fitted in perfectly.

I woke up last night thinking about this and how proud I am of the photographs, so many people have already commented on how lovely they are. Amanda is also very funny, during our photoshoot much merriment was to be had by all that weekend :)

Boy, am I lucky or what?


(Amanda is taking the photo...strangely I can't find any of her anywhere.....)

I can promise you that this book is going to be absolutely fabulous, it's so far out of my comfort zone and yet it's so right... The natural progression as it were, I can't explain it. We are going to press this week and it still doesn't feel quite real yet.....

I just wanted to say thanks to EVERYONE for working so hard on this especially Jen and Nic, there is no way I could have done it without you guys.

Oh and I nearly forgot....want some more pics?


Pattern: Hendred Hat and Hendred Mittens

Yarn: Scrumptious dk

Designer: Elly Doyle



  1. It's been an absolute pleasure!
    Oh how Camilla's going to love you! :D

  2. I just know that everyone's days will be enhanced by the sight of my rear end! :-)
    It's a pleasure to work with you m'dear.

  3. Hah! I'd forgotten about these! :) Everything is looking fab, I can't wait to see the final book!