Tuesday, 28 February 2012

An update from Unravel

I think it's fair to say that the weekend away at Unravel, Farnham was a HUGE success. I've always loved Unravel but this year felt extra special. We're absolutely exhausted but just had to sit down to write and tell you how much fun we had.

Unravel whole booth
We arrived Friday and along with all the other vendors, started setting up our Fyberspates stall in the Great Hall. Unravel is always a superb event and as always the staff at Farnham Maltings  not only made us feel welcome but were super organised. Everyone was in good spirits and we worked into the evening hanging all our hand dyed lovelies and getting ready to showcase all our new Scrumptious pattern books.

At the booth, we had the full Scrumptious yarn range, Ysolda's new colours and all our newly hand dyed yarns. One enamoured customer commented that it was like an explosion of colour and I have to agree! I was so proud of the colours that I was able to achieve with the new dyeing set up and they were certainly a hit with everyone who came to the show. I really can't wait to see them knitted up- be sure to drop by the Ravelry Group and show us what you're working on.



In addition, we also had the Ysolda pattern book 'Saturday Treats', Carol Feller's 'Scrumptious Knits', 'Scrumptious Collection: Volume 1' and 'The Scrumptious Baby Collection'. We were lucky enough to include some lovely samples from each which proved a real hit. People just couldn't get enough of the Scrumptious Baby Collection!



The other great product we had on the booth this year was 'Soak'. Soak is the absolutely divine smelling product that helps keep all your knitted items smelling divine after a hand wash. Soak is a biodegradable, phosphate-free and eco-friendly wash available in an assortment of delicate fragrances plus Scentless, for your sensitive side. We were lucky enough to have their newest fragrance 'Lacey' on the stand and are pleased to announce that we will be stocking it on the online shop!

Saturday was an incredibly busy day and I was kept rushed off my feet with all the lovely customers who dropped by the booth. I would like to say a huge thank you to all the people who came and said hello, shared kind words about the booth and generally helped the day go with a swing. By the end of Saturday I was buzzing and while Sunday was quieter, I was still kept really busy.


If you missed us at the show, then do stop by the online shop. The books and full range of Scrumptious yarns are available online. Also, there will be some hand dyed still ready to be nabbed! The update will go live this afternoon so be sure to keep an eye on the new section of the shop or keep up to date with all our updates by following Fyberspates on Twitter.

Also, stay tuned for an in-depth look at Ysolda's 'Saturday Treat' and Carol Feller's 'Scrumptious Knits' coming soon to the blog.....

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  1. Darren- thats right where you were sitting last time I saw you! MIssed both of you at the fciofe today hope you feel better.