Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Oh Baby!

I have been absolutely thrilled with the response to one of our recent collections, 'Scrumptious Babies'. The pattern includes 8 patterns for babies, sized from 3-24 months and features some of our favourite designers: Judy Furlong, Belinda Boaden, Kyoko Nakayoshi and Mélanie Edgar.



There are some gorgeous patterns in here for both girls and boys and we felt it was the perfect showcase for our Scrumptious range as not only does our yarn produce luxuriously soft garments but the super wash characteristic of our 4ply/ Sport yarn means that the garments are also practical.



Included in the pattern book are 2 cardigans, 2 matching hats, legwarmers, cabled dungarees, kimono-style jacket and square lace shawl so there is a variety of both heirloom and practical pieces. It means that there is lots of options to entice knitters who are either creating for their own loved ones or looking for the perfect gift to knit for someone else. Inside the collection you will find both written and charted instructions as well as clear (and adorable) photography of all the items.


Priced at £7.50 you can purchase your copy here or at your local yarn shop.


  1. Have you heard they are closing ?!?!Louise iaeelmd everyone this morning. Their neighbor is taking legal action against them and they are unable to remain open. (Neighbor of 24 years is all of a sudden maintaining that the space should not be zoned for retail )Very very sad.

  2. to make it in green, specifically Malabrigo's Lettuce, which will match the sweaetr I have planned for her. Oh and Alice, go to, join and start playing. You won't regret it. And add me: WhitMc. Feel free to message me with questions. You need a hat.