Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Handarbeit recap 2012

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We had so much fun at the end of last month because we travelled to Cologne, Germany for the Handarbeit event. This is a huge show for wholesalers and traders and it was the first time that we had taken part so we were understandably a little bit nervous about what to expect. We needn't have worried-we had an absolutely fab time!

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The first thing that was really noticeable was the standard of professionalism around the entire event: from the organisation to the way each stand was kitted out. There were lighting setups and the organisers wore suits and really knew their stuff. It would have been slightly intimidating if it were not for how much fun we were all having.

Handarbeit 018
Handarbeit attracts crowds from all over Europe, Russia and the US and is probably one of the biggest shows in terms of the amount of people who visit every year. We were kept really busy giving out our sample packs and chatting to potential new suppliers. One of the nicest things was how many people commented on the fact that we were knitting on the stand, it seemed to reassure people that we really knew what we were talking about (which of course we do!)

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The other fabulous thing about the whole event was that we got to share a stand with the Natural Dye Studio and Mr Wool was there too. So we naturally took full advantage of all the local places to eat and drink. We munched on lots of cake, beer and sausages and it was absolutely marvellous!

Do not worry if you have missed the opportunity to see us as we will be at Wonderwool this month and as always you can find all our products in the Fyberspates shop.

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