Saturday, 5 May 2012

Sheep to Sweater 2012

Fyberspates are proud to announce that they will be one of the official team sponsors of the UK team for this year’s ‘Sheep to Sweater’ challenge. This annual event represents a challenge to break the Guinness World Record for shearing a sheep, spinning and plying the yarn and knitting a sweater following the identical International Wool Challenge pattern exactly, within eight hours.

The current record stands at 4 hours, 51 minutes and 14 seconds!

Previous events have taken place all over the world and this year the record attempt will occur on May 12th 2012 at Tuin Pension Groenewoud, Groenewoud 8, 6071 RB, Swalmen at 11 am. The eight member team consists of a blade shearer, a sheep and seven handspinners and knitters. Time keepers, assessors & co-ordinators monitor each competing team in venues closely linked to the wool industry. All teams follow an identical set of rules and pattern in order to assess the fastest production of the sweater.

Three members of the current team took part in an attempt at the record in Stirling, Scotland, in 2010. They did not break the record but achieved a very creditable time of  just under 6 hours. You can see the sweater that they expertly produced in the photograph below.

Sheep to sweater
Fyberspates is driven by Jeni’s passion for the fibre world and the community that enjoy crafting. With her knowledge and understanding of the scale of this challenge, Jeni is proud to support the UK representatives.

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