Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Fyberspates Christmas Charity - FATE

Hi Guys!

This Christmas, Fyberspates is very proud to be working with Fund for
Action Through Education (FATE) to help underprivileged children in
Kenya. FATE is a UK registered charity that provides these children the
opportunity to get a good quality education. Their vision is that this
will enable the children to get good jobs, support themselves and their
families and become leaders in their communities. We are therefore
delighted to be able to support them by donating £0.05p for every ‘like’
we get on Facebook on our Fyberspates Page, and our Scrumptious Page
between now and Jan the 12th.

On the Fyberspates page we already have 550, so its the ‘Likes’ in
addition to this. So for example if I get 1550 kilos on that page by the
12th, then I will donate £50 for the new 1000 ‘likes’ and so on.
On the Scrumptious pages I have 75 Likes and so we start from here.

The upper limit is 10,000 likes in total across the Fyberspates and Scrumptious Yarn pages (which will make a donation of £500 to FATE)

You can find out more about the fantastic work that FATE does by visiting their website: www.fateuk.org

If you are not on Facebook or just don’t like it, please don’t worry,
there will be other opportunities to do other things later on in the
year :)

The reason I chose this Charity is because a Friend of mine help set it up, and so I know it does really good work :)

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