Thursday, 26 June 2014

Knitting and Your Health

Most knitters have heard the phrase 'that must be SO therapeutic!' often exclaimed by non knitters upon seeing you knitting or wearing a finished item. It can be hard to explain just why we're all so in love with knitting and why it makes us feel good but a new book that's just released might be a good start. In a past life, pre dyeing, Jeni met Betsan Corkhill who was conducting trials into the benefits of knitting. Betsan got in contact to share the news that her findings were published very recently and we wanted to share the book with you. 

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In her book, 'Knit for Health and Wellness', Betsan shares her knowledge of using Therapeutic Knitting clinically and integrates this with recent research, her medical knowledge, data from a survey of over 3,500 knitters, and stories from knitters around the globe. It's genuinely fascinating work that really helps you think about harnessing what Betsan refers to as 'the power in your own hands'.


Chapters in the book include 'Quiet Knitting', 'Knitting together' and 'Sit Well'. There's a range of ideas in this book to help you choose projects that provide you with the nost therapeutic benefit, help you improve your knitting posture and a good exploration of the benefits of quiet moments of solitude or socialable stitching. The book is available to download via Amazon (US link) and you can find more details on Betsan's website, Stitchlinks

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