Thursday, 18 June 2015

The chicken or the yellow egg....

Last night I washed my beehive ready for its new residents which arrive in the post today (yup, they get delivered by Royal mail!) I posted a picture of its gleaming yellow cheerfulness on Instagram and Facebook, and people were amused to see a beehive which as rather different to the traditional wooden houses we are used to seeing. In addition to looking like something space aged, its also bright yellow, not any yellow, but my favourite  sunshine yellow.

My Beehaus double beehive

I mused briefly that it was just the perfect yellow. 

When I woke up this morning, I glanced down the bed and realised... ahh, yes my bed covers are also my favourite shade of yellow....

Walked down stairs... my knitting.... highly influenced by my seeming obsession with yellow...

My Stephen west 'Askews me' shawl in Vivacious DK Sunshine, Slate & Tweed imps

I thought long and hard... what came first? did I see something that I loved that was yellow, dyed that into a yarn and then kept buying yellow things to match? Or was it the other way around... this yellow thing has been going on for at least 3 years now.. and it shows no sign of abating...

Ring and Ring from Vivacious Kids and my Featherweight in Nef 4ply.

I often notice colours and dye them.. and then it can sometimes become a serious obsession.... as serious as yellow can be anyway ;)

I highly recommend yellow in all its forms, you can't go wrong ;)

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  1. Yellow is a personal obsession of mine as well :-) That's going to be such a beautiful shawl!