Monday, 13 December 2004

Monday pictures.

Considering my lack of posting, I have actually been knitting more than usual, taking every opportunity to try and  get my christmas presents finished.

So here is my progress so far on my domino waistcoat:


The colours are quite delicate, and it needs good light to appreciate the domino effect, here is a close up:


I  am really pleased with it so far. I know you are thinking now, 'how is it ever going to be a waitcoat?' Just try and visualise. (The jagged edge is the bottom, and it is knitted a square at a time!).

I also had to get some mad collinette skye for christmas socks and here it is. The colours are wonderful, the greens are much brighter in real life. I recomend this wool for the most beautiful, scrumptious warm socks.


Our stitch n' bitch christmas party was saturday afternoon, and it was fantastic! We all had really good chats, food, cups of tea and got loads of knitting done!

Thanks Marie for hosting it!

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