Friday, 10 December 2004

More photo's coming soon.

I have been really, really bad about posting this week because I have been so busy, but I should have a picture this afternoon of my experimental domino project, which is due to be a christmas present. I'm very pleased with it.

I have also managed to recirut some new psychology knitters. One is coming for a lesson next week! Madness.

And Stitch n' bitch tomorrow, I can not wait!!!! I am so excited to focus on knitting for a while and forget psychology, I have had an amazing week in work, but it's quite emotional, I really have to challenge myself not to get scared about moving on in my career, I always avoid public speaking and paper writing, but it seems as if the time is coming where there is the opportunity to do it with lots of support, so either I stay where I am forever or move out of my comfort zone, and start moving forward.

I also have signed up for an intensive welsh course which runs 5 days a week 8am - 9.30 am for 25 weeks. So I should be fluent at the end!!! I love the welsh language!

Oh the way the other post was referring to Orlando Bloom.

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