Monday, 14 February 2005

Klaralund the wrong way around.

Dscf0067 Little did I know that when I took this picture Klaralund was back to front. But you know if i don't post this she will be a distant memory. I didn't sew up the back as instructed because it was a little small. I love it, although it would be nicer in a slightly larger size.

I haven't knitted for a whole week! I started sewing some trousers yesterday, the difference an over locker makes is amazing.

I have spun up some of the roving pictured in the last post, in fact it's a three ply yarn about aran thickness. I love it, but I am really gutted because all my spinning eventually ends up that bland pink colour. WHY WHY WHY???? I'm never using red again. I think it's because the silk contains alot of white and dulls the colours right down, So I need to make sure I prepare the silk properly.
Anyway I am going to change my approach to dying. I will use a maximum of three colours, and take a more scientific approach to it.

My friend Trish has come over from the US to stay for a couple of days and very kindly graced me with some really nice wool. Pictures tomorrow.

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