Thursday, 5 August 2010


Thanks soooo much for the lovely comments on yesterdays post, sometimes its a bit horrifying to put things out there and be honest, I just felt like I wanted to share my happiness in making my way forward, so thank you!!!

At the moment I am knitting prolifically, this is a huge change, I know some people might be shocked by that considering I am surrounded by lovely yarn every day, but in the past two years I haven't knitted as much as I should, or as much as I wanted too, sometimes I just get overwhelmed with stuff and I can't see the wood for the trees, BUT since I gave up dyeing for wholesale for hand dyed I have so much knitting mojo its ridiculous, my pace of life has calmed down, its had to really because I have to design for the commercial scrumptious range, working already on the collections for autumn 2011, this feels so indulgent to be working that far ahead, but it feels like I am living my dream as well, being able to take in the wonderfulness that I surrounded by for once, instead of it rushing past, taking time to translate ideas into reality, and I even have time to get it wrong, change it and redo things, this is something I love because ideas don't always work quite right the first time around!!

Anyway, I have a project club, which is so much fun to design for mainly because its in yarns I normally don't even get to knit, hehe, but this month is the Ethereal yarn, and I am just enjoying this so much, I can't tell you what the design is because its a suprise, but I can show you my remember my graceful Jumper? Well I am IN-LOVE with that lace pattern down the middle and I haven't finished with it yet, so I decided to add it into this months design for the project club:

Garment photos 2 041

I choose this colour because I keep seeing it everywhere, and I want to make something totally gorgeous with it.....I'll post next week the finished article, once all the clubs have got to their destinations!


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