Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Do you know what? Its all about the lace.......

Lace has just taken hold of my imagination recently, not lace in the thin sense, cause really I am not a thin yarn kind of girl, more of a 4ply really, but lace in 4ply or even chunky just totally makes me shiver with excitement.

So I have 3 lace treats for you today, 2 pics/ new patterns and a gorgeous wedding veil of one of my very talented customers

OK, firstly the gorgeous cardigan pattern is finally up in the shop and up for sale, it will also be up on rav this afternoon too. This has probably been the MOST tried on garment at any show I have ever done, it totally captured peoples imagination and the pattern is very well written:

Aquamarine lace Cardi By Judy Furlong for Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace....if your local yarn store stocks the commercial range, its likely they will have this pattern very soon....if not ask them.....

Mini version

Secondly I finished my lacey cowl in Ethereal for the last installment of the project club:

Mini cowl

Cowl 008 

Its so soft and drapey, and actually I wear it every day at the moment, its perfect for early autumn days, ethereal is one of my all time favorite yarns at the moment, in fact I am knitting a pair of gloves ready for the  next round of the project club to go with the cowl, yum yum yum. This pattern will be available in the shop after Fibre Flurry, its going to be an exclusive pattern in the brochure until then....

At the moment I am knitting every day, at every spare moment I can, this is so so wonderful for me, I am churning my way through a design for the knitter a fair isle yolked sweater in scrumptious 4ply, the gloves and also the chunky water bottle cover for the Christmas present club (will blog about new clubs tomorrow, they are well fun!).

And Finally....some seriously beautiful lace, one of my lovely customers knitted her wedding veil out of silk lace which was undyed I think if I remember rightly.....look at these pictures, they are gorgeous and you can see the veil 4 pictures down in this post aren't the pictures gorgeous??? and she is such a beautiful bride!!!


  1. How timely. I carefully wound a skein of scrumptious yesterday so I can cast on for the aquamarine lace cardi tonight! Can't wait ;o)

  2. lots of beyootiful lace!