Monday, 13 September 2010

Bits and peices...

Update was meant to be today, but I accidently left my laptop in a box of yarn which was taken to chester, hahahha, so we'll have to do it on wed, as I can't edit my photo's on the work computer.

So design wise I am churning out things at the moment; I might have something extremely exciting to tell you friday about one of my designs, but I have to wait until then, I don't want to jinx it incase. Also this morning I dropped off a 4ply jumper to the Knitter mag in Bath (its my favourite thing I have ever made), the stuff they are doing at the moment is exciting me so so much, there is some incredible things coming out in that mag in the next few months, and especially something I probably can't tell you about, but I managed to wangle a copy of the MOST gorgeous little pattern which I am so lucky to have!! I am still debating which yarn to knit it in, hehe....oh my life is sooooooo hard ;)

Goodness its all a bit cryptic today, but i am feeling rediculously excited :)

Ok I need to go and pack orders, as tomorow I have a talk to give to the Shropshire spinners and weavers guild so I have lots more travelling to do. Good thing I like driving init!


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  1. OMG, do you ever stop? Hope iKnit was fruitful, working on the yarn I purchased from you, wound into balls that evening, and started 'said crochet entrelac scarf', hope you have a good week.
    Nicky x