Wednesday, 22 September 2010

ur......where do I start?

Ok, I have so many things to tell you good and bad.

I think I'll get the bad thing out the way, and then we can end on a lovely positive note.

My main supplier and bestest woolly freind in the world Mr Wool has had  a nightmare, one of his barns which stored all of his white yarn in was burnt down at the weekend, and they think it was arson, aimed at the farmer who's barn it was, not Mr Wool. That meant all if his white stock, about 5 tonnes I think was wiped out, I went today to have a look at it, and its was devastating, it also had a few hundred kilos of scrumptious in it too, which made me extremely sad and gutted. He is doing ok though, I came up for the week to look after him and make sure he doesn't get too sad, I think I am cheering him up, lol.....and some lovely peeps on rav got him a vege hamper, he was sooooo chuffed!!!

Anyway, its meant that I can't get any more of some of my standard yarns to dye for a while, I have some stocks thankfully, (never been so happy to be a hoarder ever) but things like the hand dyed scrumptious 4ply and lace will not be replenished on the shop for a while.

BUT there is a little silver lining, remember I told you about all the new scrumptious arriving? Well I was moaning like a B@%%&&D because it was late being delivered by peru, it was a day late last week, meaning that they had to deliver it monday instead of friday cause of the weekend obviously, imagine how much I would be crying if it had been friday as it would no longer exist :s, really I have to keep pinching myself to believe it, so this is some seriously blessed yarn.

So today we spent the morning opening the boxes and looking at the new yarns, and they are so so so so so gorgoeus, I have photographed them all and I will be putting them on my site today and tomorow, I think my favourite has to be the aran, even though I love the others, the aran gleams, and it screams knit me into gorgeous lovely jumpers.......we did laugh alot about one of the colours I choose; a colour called lime leaf.....I am not exactly sure who got it wrong, but the lime leaf is NOT lime its kind of oyster/camel colour, its totally gorgeous, BUT there is no green in the 4ply and lace range now, but its kinda funny, knowing us it'll be the best selling colour!

Talking of knitting........MORE TOTALLY WONDERFULLY EXCITING NEWS.....I got my first front cover design being published in the knitter, yup, FRONT COVER, its a gorgeous jacket in Scrumptious aran, I am so so chuffed with it. When I get the go ahead to put the pic on here, I will ok ;) its yummmmmmyyyyyyy. you want to see some of the new yarns? This is the scrumptious 4ply, there is also natural too......

4ply collage

This one is the total fav of this is the slate, its completely metalic....

ARAN collage


Lace colage

So ending on a happy note....really I am depserate to knit some of the aran  into something new :)





  1. So sorry about the barn. Maybe they meant lime as in limestone? Gorgeous yarn.

  2. Thank god your new delivery are safe.
    Send our hugs to Mr Wool.
    I would love to lay my hands on those gorgeous lace but in Singapore's weather? Have to think about it...

  3. sorry to hear about Mr wool and his barn :(
    .... the new scrumptious ranges look fab :)