Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Crazy good times :)

Well you know me, its crazy, I never knew things could get busier, I seem to adjust to busyness and then it gets busier. However I have had some awesome help from Jen AC and Mum. Jen is Uber organised and she stops me from feeling like I will forget everything, which is the only thing that ever stresses me out. I can cope with crazy, but fear of forgetting makes me anxious! And my mum is just the best at doing all sorts of things, ordering boxes, filling out forms, making me finish tasks when I am flitting, got to love it really :)

And.... I am not complaining, I am enjoying this so so much I feel like the business has been catapulted into a whole new realm of being, I feel like everything else up to now was about preparing me if that makes any sense at all.

So.....the wedding yarn is here and oh my goodness its GORGEOUS, we are waiting for boxes to be made and printed and also for the gorgoeus pattern too :) too exciting!

Also the photo shoot for the book  is at the weekend, and I am so damned excited about it, we will be taking photo's of this, I think there is going to be be uber amounts of laughter.

Oh and Unravel was soooo much fun, I had a new stand layout, I was kind of practicing for wonderwool and it went down so well, especially my teacups and suitcases!!

Ok thats enough, this is a bit of a fragmented post but I wanted to just check in ;)

Oh and shop update is here

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