Saturday, 8 September 2012

A Preview....

Those of you who tuned in to 'channel Fyberspates' will have seen how much fun I had travelling to the mill to develop hand dyed yarns for whole sale. Fyberspates gets daily
enquiries asking if people can buy hand dyed wholesale and as we don’t
have the facilities or margins to work in a large capacity, we wanted to
figure out a way to do it. So Jeni, ever the jetsetter, travelled to Peru to teach them how she dyed so that they will replicate our exclusive colours on a large

So as a little taste of more  exciting develpoments to follow with a taster of what the colours should be. Stay tuned for more Peru news, more yarn news and keep your peepers peeled for a feature in a rather prestigious magazine about this exciting new chapter for Fyberspates!

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