Thursday, 13 September 2012

Before we dazzle you with details of galavants to the Blue Faced weekend and Peru, there's more designs that need sharing because we are loving them! A month or two ago we talked about the stunning Mallorn sweater, knit by Ann Kingstone in her collection 'A Time to Knit'. Well, there's another goody lurking in there that is absolutely lush.

Image Credit Verity Britton

Truly is a top down shawl and there are two versions: a sportweight or DK. The shawl is beautifully large at 50” wide by 28” deep after blocking. The stripes are knitted in a feather and fan stitch to give wonderful undulating waves of colour. This is a stylish statement peice that calls for a variety of kniting techniques such as a provisional cast on, a plain stockingette body and lace edges as well as colour changes. It would be a dream to knit as a result as there's a little bit of everything to enjoy.

Image Credit Verity Britton

The colourway used for the main body is 'Cherry' and calls for Scrumptious 4ply Sport.  The contrast was created in the 'Baby Pink' colourway also calls for Scrumptious 4ply Sport.  We can see lots of
stunning contrast colours such as Slate and Teal and it's hard to think where to begin. I'm sure we'll manage though...

Image Credit Verity Britton

Truly is available as either a single pattern or as part of the
A Time To Knit collection and can be purchased directly on Ravelry.



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