Sunday, 13 October 2013

Delayed Socks

Sometimes, when you're chattering on Ravelry or Twitter about your latest knitting WIPs or FOs you suddenly realise that you didn't share some good news. We absolutely had one of those moments recently when our lovely friend and Fyberspates Team Member, Jen AC, shared a picture of her Budleigh Socks in Vivacious 4ply. There was a panicked moment of 'did we tell everyone about THAT book from THAT designer?!?!?!' 

Jen AC's Budleigh Socks

What now follows is a post all about the talented Rachel Coopey aka Coopknits and her gorgeous book Coop Knits Socks. Coop Knits Socks is recent publication featuring 10 of Rachel’s original sock designs. These well-written patterns are accompanied by exquisite photography by Jesse Wilde, as well as step-by-step tutorials for techniques such as Kitchener Stitch and Afterthought Heels. There are even some rather lovely models that you might recognise.....


(c) Jesse Wild

Each design is beautifully balanced and well thought-out, giving both experienced and novice knitters the chance to create socks that are beautiful and wearable, while being enormously enjoyable to knit. Many of the clearly written patterns use a variety of skills, including cabling, grafting, lace and twisted stitches and provide a great opportunity to try out new stitch patterns.


(c) Jesse Wild

Within the book there are 3 designs featuring Fyberspates yarns. There is Willowherb, knit in Vivacious 4ply in the amazing 'Mixed Magentas' colourway. This slightly variegated colourway is a wonderful velvety colour that really showcases the non-uniform petals combined in this lace and twisted stitch pattern.


(c) Jesse Wild

Also in Vivacious 4 ply is Dawlish, with bold lines of cables and twisted stitches that were inspired by the shapes and colours of marker buoys bobbing on the water. This bright and fresh colourway is appropriately called 'Sunshine' and is perfect for really making the cables pop. 

(c) Jesse Wild

Then there is Brighton, knee-high socks that are just so fun and so stylish! Knit with Sheila's Sock, these bright and cheerful knee-high socks start with a ribbed cuff before leading to bands of stranded colourwork in bold geometric patterns. For those of us who are slightly daunted by the idea of knee high colourwork socks, there are instructions given for a shorter, mid-calf length version too.  


Jeni on a rather cold beach in Shetland, modelling for Coop Knits Socks!

We love Coop Knits Socks and hope you do too. You can get hold of your copy of this fab book here and of course, check out the Fyberspates shop to get your sock yarns to work your way through the book!

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