Wednesday, 9 October 2013

New! Yarn Bowls

These are absolutely gorgeous and we're thrilled with them and the reaction so far when we announced them on the Ravelry group and Facebook. We received our first test batch last week and they're coming to Ally Pally for some feedback so stop by and grab one and let us know what you think (we're at stand stand B31).

Yarn bowls
The yarn bowls are completely hand-made at Salamander Arts, a studio right next door to Fyberspates HQ. These bowls are uniquely created for Fyberspates to create a bowl that will display your yarn as well as keep it safe while you knit your latest creation.  Julie, the creator, makes her own plaster moulds and then slip-casts the bowls using porcelain slip (liquid porcelain.)  When they are completey dry they are sprayed with two colours of underglaze (a sort of paint for ceramics) – jade and leaf green to make a turquoise shade. They are then ‘biscuit’ fired to about 1040 degrees. Julie then hand-draws all the designs on and glaze the inside with a clear glaze to give a smooth, gloss finish.  The bowls are then fired again to about 1200 degrees. This lengthy process gives the unique finish you can see and makes the yarn bowls perfectly formed for your knitting needs. 

It was wonderful colaborating with Julie to agree the perfect finish, size etc for a yarn bowl and we're thrilled with the result. You can find Salamander Arts on Facebook and we are hoping there will be more bowls to come very soon!

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