Friday, 8 November 2013

October KAL Finisher's Parade!

We had some yummy entries for our October KAL over on the Ravelry group and just had to share the results. It may have led to some serious enabling for all of us because the chatter about the different bases and knitting experience was very, very tempting! Isn't that what a KAL is all about though? Sharing our crafting experiences? 

(c) Dominey

First up is Dominey's beaded Knit Night version. Dominey worked her shawl up using Rural Charm 4ply BFL Silk Chashmere, a really popular luxury base. This yarn is gorgeous as it has a wonderful texture, soft, but yet with the bounce of Blue Faced Leicester for a wonderful knitting experience. The colourway used here is called 'Tropical' and the beads she chose match the colourway perfectly. Great work Dominey!

(c) RachRoss

Then came RachRoss' version in Scrumptious 4ply 'Dandelion and Burdock' colourway, part of the unique handdyes range. We love the pattern notes about how much this scarf grew with a good blocking- gotta love that silk content!

Yarn artz
(c) Yarn-Artz

Next up we have Yarn-Artz's Knit Night shawl that she knit in one weekend while holidaying on a narrow boat. How's that for a holiday souvenir? This version was worked up without beads but with eyelets on both sides of the scarf. We are loving how versatile Louise's pattern is! The yarn is Vivacious 4ply, our wonderful high twist Superwash Merino in the 'Mixed Magentas' colourway. 

(c) YorkshireJules

' version was another Knit Night without any beads but also wthout the eyelet borders too. We were particularly excited about this one as it was worked up using our latest Twizzle Silk base in the 'Rich Plum' colourway. Can you believe that this was a first attempt at knitting to a pattern, knitting with fingering weight yarn, and knitting on circulars? We couldn't either- well done YorkshireJules!

(c) Flowerpotsmum

Nipping in just in time for the deadline was Flowerpotsmum with her nonbeaded, no eyelet Knit Night shawl. This is another Twizzle Silk version in the 'Aubergine' colourway. We think the 70% Merino and 30% Silk Singles base is just perfect for squishy garter stitch projects that drape lovingly around your neck. 


Want to be part of this month's parade? Come and join in our hat KAL. Go on, you know you want to!

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