Friday, 29 November 2013


It was over a year ago that another real passion of Jeni's began to leak into the Ravelry group, FOOD. After lots of chat on Twitter about the Sour Dough starter that she would be making, a Sour Dough along started in the Ravelry group, enabling baking and all kinds of chat about the perfect bready accompaniments. 


It's back! Chatter picked up again thanks to a brilliant cookbook that we're recommending you add to your wishlist if you're a serious bread fan. Dan Lepard is a baking genius and his books have taught many of us on Team Fyberspates where it is at when it comes to baking techniques. They just work, every.single.time. So the book that's got us all chatting again? The Handmade Loaf


Jeni popped back up on the thread last week and shared this picture of her potato bread bloomer made with a very different sourdough starter and got everyone back on the sourdough wagon- it's lush! Sour dough starters are a mixture of water, flour and natural yeasts which can last for years if kept fed and loved. It's what gives sourdough bread that distinctive twang and the name 'sour'. 


This starter however uses raisins and yoghurt which makes for some pretty lively starter thanks to the natural yeast in raisins, and the yogurt adding bacteria and acidity. We can't share the recipe here due to copyright but we can urge you to grab a copy and get baking this holiday season. 


Bon appetit!

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