Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Scrumptious Collection Volume 3 Blog and Podcast Tour Final Day!

We've had so much fun reading all our wonderful contributors for this tour, celebrating the release of Volume 3. It's sadly all over with today's 3 contributors. They're goodies though so we're finishing with a bang! 


First up is blogger and videocaster (as well as long time Fyberspates fan), Chrissy from Stitched Together. Chrissy is talking us through her highlights of the book and knitting plans. She's also giving a copy away so do go take a look. 

Sticking with the theme of bloggers and podcasters we have A Playful Day. There's obviously something in the water because she's also feeling inspired to cast on and is talking through some of her favourite yarn choices. Be enabled here. She will also be doing a full review on this weekends podcast and a giveaway so stay tuned!

Iwerne Cardigan, (c) Jesse Wild

Last but by no means least is our wonderful designer Kyoko Nakayoshi, the designer behind the very popular Iwerne Cardigan. This waterfall front cardiganwas an instant hit and so Kyoko is talking us through her design process. It's a fascinating read so do go take a look


A big thank you to our bloggers and podcasters who have joined us for this tour. Don't forget if you haven't yet got your copy of Volume 3, you can do so on Ravelry or the new website right now!




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