Monday, 10 February 2014

Call Out

We had a great time with the Blog and Podcast Tour and it really made us think about ways we can encourage more hands on interaction with new Fyberspates products. We have a few things in the works that we'd love to get YOUR input on so we're making a call out....


If you are a knitter that considers yourself a dab hand with stitchwork, technique and finishing, we might be in need of your services. We need some new yarn roadtested. That's right, new yarn. We'd like feedback on how it works up and blocks and we also want some fancy pictures to go along with it. 


So if you're the kind of person who just loves the way Ravelry allows you to share your project notes, showcase your photography and chat about what you've been up to, we'd love to here from you over on Ravelry. There's a dedicated thread just gone up telling you how to reach out. 


We can't wait to share this with you!

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