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When thinking about pattern support or developing a new yarn it is very tempting to focus on all new, all of the time. It was while pondering new commissions though that we kept stumbling over a designer we liked and then a pattern caught our eye that really made us think..... is a relaunch a fun idea?

We contacted said designer and asked the same question, got a few fabulous knitters and bloggers onboard and the result was a unanimous 'YES! Let's relaunch this using Cumulus!' from everyone. 

I think you'll agree the results have been pretty spectacular...

(c) AmandaLynA

(c) Jan Harvey

So let's fill you in on the details so you can get knitting as soon as possible shall we? This is a FREE pattern, available for direct download on Ravelry courtesy of Karina Westermann. Born in Denmark and currently residing in Scotland, Karina “Karie” Westermann is a creative and multi-talented knitwear designer, knitting and crochet tutor, translator and technical editor. Able to work in multiple roles within the knitting industry, Karie explores her craft with a passion for the tradition and authenticity.


This delicate scarf knits up quickly and uses exactly one ball of Fyberspates Cumulus. We particularly liked this aspect as it gives you a chance to test the new yarn out before committing to a larger project. If you really like it though, you can modify the length of the scarf to use slightly less or more depending upon your preferences.

It makes a perfect gift: a scarf which works with an everyday outfit, yet is pretty enough to wear for special occasions. Make one in your favourite colour or even better, make several!

This scarf is designed to be a good introduction to working with fine halo-ey yarns and lacy stitch patterns. More experienced knitters will enjoy having it as an on-the-go project. The revised pattern includes a new chart and written instructions. It also includes optional beading instructions.

Cumulus dark
(c) AmandaLynA

Oh... and the name of this perfect pattern? Florence

Cumulus statue
(c) AmandaLynA

Our test knitters loved working with both the pattern and the new yarn and we're thrilled to have such strong notes to help you get to know our new yarn. You can see more great photos from Jan Harvey as well as her project notes here on Ravelry. We just loved this read on her gorgeous model. 

(c) Jan Harvey

Amanda Anganes did a great job of both blogging about her experiences as well as adding plenty of notes up on Ravelry too. We particularly loved hearing about the reaction Amanda was getting to Cumulus while working with it. "I've been showing it to my friends and family as I've been knitting away and without fail everyone is stunned when they feel it." That's great to hear and even better is that Amanda is now planning on making a sweater with Cumulus too. We can't wait to see that one!

So are you feeling the Cumulus love? Remember this pattern only takes one ball so why not treat yourself to some as currently have some in stock. Our 76% Baby Suri Alpaca, 24% Mulberry Silk yarn has already had such a great response that it's really great to have a 'go-to' pattern that we know works with the yarn. 

It doesn't end there either. We've got a few more relaunches to look forward from tried and tested designs as well as some new material being edited and checked as we speak! 


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