Thursday, 1 May 2014


Change is never an easy decision, especially when you have grown your business from scratch with hand dyeing luxury yarns at the core. Last month I made an announcement in the Ravelry group and now the dust has settled a little, I want to share my immediate plans for the coming year. 


As lots of you know, there are two aspects to my business, I have the hand dyed part, which my mum and I do in my little unit in the Cotswold’s on a fairly small scale. Then I have the commercial side which is large scale commercial dyeing. The commercial side of Fyberspates is growing fast and needs a lot of attention, more so now than ever. As I jet off today to TNNA I will be focusing on the most recent branch of our brand, Fyberspates USA

When preparing for a big dye session in preparation for Wonderwool, I received the news from my Landlord that he was ending my lease with short notice due to the fact they are converting my little unit into a cottage. As a result I have taken the decision to create a natural pause in my hand dyeing for a while and concentrate more on designing and developing the commercial yarn ranges of Scrumptious, Gleem, Vivacious and Cumulus as well as working on new lines of wholesaleable yarns and pattern support. With Fyberspates USA also needing a little nurturing in these early stages, it seems a good time to take stock, consolidate and think about the many ways in which Fyberspates has grown as a company. There's so much new product development going on behind the scenes this is not so much an end as a new start in some ways!

I will attempt to have plenty of my own hand dyed yarns for Woolfest but I will no longer be doing my regular updates after this time for a while. I am not saying the hand dyed won’t come back, but for at least a year I need to effectively manage the growth of the other part of my business. What you see in the shop now is the last stock before the post Wonderfest update. Any stock I bring back will be added in one last update and then, with the exception of a few kits, you will only find Scrumptious, Gleem, Viviacious and Cumulus. 


If you want to be sure to catch the last of the handdyes in person please come and say hi at Woolfest on the 27th-28th June 2014 or catch the last update when we get back. We'll also be keeping you up to date with any new yarn or pattern development this way too. There is of course always the Ravelry Group, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest!

I want to say thank you all for your wonderful support over the past 10 years and hope that you will continue to support me with my other yarns that will continue to be available both on the Fyberspates Web site and through your local yarn shops 


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