Thursday, 15 May 2014


When we launched Cumulus, our 74% Alpaca and 26% Silk heavy lace weight yarn, we approached various designers who we thought might enjoy working some designs up for us. When we got talking to the very talented Susanna IC, the excitement was contagious and yarn was quickly shipped and the result was a truly spectacular shawl. 

Susanna is an accomplished designer whose beautiful shawls and designs have been published in the Twist Collective, Interweave and Knitty. She has an extensive self published collection too and we were thrilled when Susanna responded so postitively to working together. I don't think any of us were quite prepared for HOW perfect the design was going to be though!

(c) Susanna IC

Inspired by its namesake Fyberspates yarn, the Cumulus shawl lets the gorgeous yarn take center stage by using a very simple lace pattern evocative of the cloud shapes.

(c) Susanna IC

Cumulus clouds can be formed from water vapor, water droplets, or ice crystals and so Susanna added some sparkling beads reminiscent of the inspiration. The beads also add lovely drape to the gossamer yarn (550 6/0 4.00mm seed beads).

(c) Susanna IC

This shawl is worked in one piece starting with the lace border along the bottom edge and is shaped into a crescent with simple stockinette short rows (no wraps). While the lace pattern may seem intricate, it uses only basic stitches, all reverse rows are purled, and addition of beads is optional.

If you want to knit your own version, there is plenty of Cumulus ready to go in the shop today. Also, as a special Intro-to-Ravelry offer, the pattern price is 10% off - ending midnight, May 21. The discount is automatic, applied to the cart, no coupon code necessary.

A huge thank you to Susanna for such stunning work!

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