Monday, 28 July 2014

Important News

For those of you who have followed Fyberspates for a long time, you will have seen the company evolve and change in so many ways. When the big decision to end hand dyeing was made a few months ago, it started off a series of decisions about how best to nurture and grow Fyberspates wholesale ranges. With Scrumptious, Vivacious, Gleem and Cumulus all represented internationally, it was hard to see how retailing myself was going to fit in with working on greater distribution.


From 1st September 2014 I will no longer be retailing Fyberspates yarns. All Fyberspates yarns and products will be available from our many wonderful retailers and the Fyberspates shop will become a wholesale site. This is a big decision as I have loved the personal element of being hands on but it’s time now to use all that knowledge and experience that I have gained from dyeing and apply it to new ventures. I have a growing team here at Fyberspates who are eager to help take us further meaning more patterns for you, stronger relationships with yarn stores and lots of new collaborations to bring you the most inspiring knitwear with high quality yarns.


August 1st 2014 will be the last update from Fyberspates directly. All my hand dyes and non wholesale bases will be sold and appear throughout August. You can see what’s in store as I photograph and upload skeins to be sold on the Fyberspates Flickr account. Once these are sold, they’re really gone so please do be sure to come by if there’s been something you’ve been dying to have for a while. The shop will be close on the 1st September 2014 so be sure to check your nearest stockist (or better yet, encourage your LYS to become one)!


With the end of retailing directly comes an end to many shows I’ve attended for years. I will no longer be vending as Fyberspates but luckily will still have an important role to develop with Chester Wool Company. Fyberspates have been growing a professional relationship with Chester Wool Company, the home of superior natural white yarn, who have been a key business partner for many years and have helped Fyberspates grow into the international company that it is today. In my new role as Yarn Development Director, I will be a regular face at events and shows, helping to make relationships and use years of dyeing experience to help hand dyers achieve to their best potential. I will still be at trade shows of course such as TNNA and Handerbeit.


It’s an exciting time for me and I am in the process of finishing off two new pattern Collections: our first Vivacious Collection and Vivacious Kids, due out in Autumn 2014. With so many projects on the horizon, I do hope you will continue to follow Fyberspates on Twitter, the blog and Facebook as we’ve so much to inspire you over the coming year.

I am so grateful you have been part of this journey. More soon!


~Jeni xx

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  1. Where can I get some Faery wings, before it sells out?