Friday, 30 January 2015

How to Seam a Sweater

It's the halfway point for the Vivacious Sweater KAL and so that prompted us to think about some sweater techniques. We love thinking about clever construction so much that we've got a whole Pinterest board dedicated to sweater techniques but for today we thought we'd focus on seaming.

'Gather' gains just the right amount of structure thanks to seaming
Seaming your hand knit sweaters is like the icing on the cake after a long time knitting, measuring and swatching. Finishing touches to garment knitting is what takes your sweater from the one you wear round the house when you have no intention of being seen to the one you wear out with pride!

Hackney Hops showcases the joy of a good seam!

In Vivacious Volume 1, we included 5 sweater patterns that benefited from the structure and form that seaming allows garments. While some people prefer to knit in the round, a good seam can deliver a garment with a little bit more structure and can really add definition to the shape of the garment. However, we know seaming can be a little burdensome so here are a few of our favourite seaming tutorials on the web:

Purl Bee- A clear photo tutorial for mattress stitching vertical pieces of knitted fabric (You will find this really useful for the Rum Raisin jacket).

Amy Herzog Designs- How to set in sleeves (this would be useful for the Herbin sweater for example)

Knitting Daily- Another photo tutorial on how to mattress stitch horizontal seams

Of course, if seaming really isn't for you, there's always this tutorial about converting the sweater into the round!

You can find these tutorials and other great sweater tips on our Pinterest board. What's your favourite seaming trick?

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