Monday, 5 January 2015

Our Most Popular Collection EVER is Now Fully Downloadable!

Rum Raisin by Belinda Boaden
Vivacious Volume 1 offers knitters 10 timeless pieces that are simple to knit and a pleasure to wear. Whether you’re an experienced knitter seeking the comfort of a soothing knit or a beginner knitter taking your first steps into a new hobby, this collection offers pieces that suit every knitter’s weekend wardrobe and look great with your most trusted pair of jeans.

Whatever comfort the weekend brings you, do it in Vivacious knitwear.
Want a little treat without all the commitment of a full collection? You can enjoy 3 single download patterns from Vivacious Volume 1 for the price of 2 when you add all 3 to your shopping cart. So that's one free pattern per purchase. Offer applies to the cheapest pattern and will end at midnight GMT 7th January 2015. 

Love what you see? You can download the full digital collection now for just $16.00 or order your print copy from retailers listed here.

Which new indulgent projects will you choose to treat yourself to?

Soonly by Rachel Coopey?
Herbin by Belinda Boaden?
Hermes Baby by Rachel Coopey?

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