Monday, 9 August 2004

Little bag.

I have very nearly finished my little felted bag. The kiogu stripes are so much fun, you just can't wait to see what the next colour looks like! I am afraid I am just going to have to make a jumper from this stuff for autumn.

The wedding celebrations part one were brilliant, my mum worked so hard, and my aunties and uncles also made so much effort, I might even post a picture if anyone in my family send me one.

Thankyou fantastic family and friends!

As usual I showed all the ladies in my family my projects and sock wool posted below, and they went mad for it! They thought it was all really beautiful, so, I've inspired them (thats what my whole purpose in life is!) As it happens I think that knitting is extremely theraputic, and can be quite meditational, and my freind who is just learning has had a difficult couple of days, and said that she would have crumbled if she didn't have her knitting to keep her sane! Thats amazing, I am convinced it has a great deal of theraputic value.

Anyway enough waffle.

Happy knitting and spinning.

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