Monday, 2 August 2004

Rainy monday.

Yesterday was beautiful and hot, not a cloud in the sky, and today it's pouring with rain again. Strange. However I made the most of the weather and sat in the garden and knitted for a couple of hours, but then my friend came over and we were drinking Gin and Tonics in the sunshine, and it went down hill from there really. I am on the front of the v neck, and loving it, it's such a simple pattern.

I have decided that a great project for jasmine to start, seeing as she loves little bags and loves felted things will be a teeny tiny felted tote and the pattern is here. We can do it together and it's all in the round so no purling. Perfect!

Oh and I have my sectret pal, I have never read their blog before so I need to see what sorts of things they like before I send anything, how exciting.

Jasmine, Anth and me all decided we are going on a two week health kick so we look fabuous for the wedding, I have been so busy I have been neglecting my exercise regime, and eating rather alot of Gluten free pies, It's not a 'I can't fit into my dress' sort of issue just a 'needing to have great arms in my dress and glowing skin' issue! So we are starting today. Loads of vege's, tofu and organic meat, and fruit teas, and no chips, pastry or cake.

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