Friday, 30 July 2004

What a day!

if you don't like non knitting content go where the stars start. I woke up all excited this morning looking forward to the barn dance next weekend, (wedding celebration no1) and then thought to myself, hang on! if the barn dance is next weekend then I am getting married the week after, then I went into shock mode, you may be thinking oh my god doesn't the woman even know when her wedding is, but I never think in dates, or days it's just a spacial picture of things and the wedding has stayed in the same space for about 12 weeks, anyway suffice to say I was a little shaken. Adding to this was my extreme excitment that I get my first real paycheck today, so I walked into work checked the payslip, ran around my office for about thirty seconds until anth texted me to tell me that the price of the wedding is £500 more than we bugeted, bye bye money.

However, my saving grace is that I brought a beautiful dress in the sales for £15 it's a pale yellow 1950's style dress and its lovely, and it's for the barndance.

Ok life rant overwith and back to knitting ********** So something strange has happened, I have nearly finished the back of the v neck jumper I am knitting in my rowan summer tweed, speedy knitter or what? only 2days! I think I am getting the hang of this lark. It will be the 4th top for my honeymoon. (thought i'd slip that in, I am determined not to become obsessed with my wedding, but I can feel it coming).

The weekend approaches which equals spinning ands dyeing on sunday. 'Who hooooooo', I think thats how you write it

OooH Finally In october is the Knitting and Stitching show in London, I'm going with Marie I can't wait! Something to keep me going after the wedding. :-)

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