Wednesday, 21 July 2004

Too excited to leave the house! AND A SPECIAL HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Firstly and most importantly I would like to wish my DAD a very happy 60th birthday! (No dad this is not the same as putting a banner over the Sainsbury's roundabout!) My dad is to be frank, the best dad in the whole world. He is so supportive of my fiber exploits and will listen for hours on the phone while I explain all my plans for a wool shop etc. And when ever he see the things I have made, there is nothing other than praise and he always has the most brilliant suggestions! I don't think we have ever argued with each other ever, we get on so well, and I love him to bits, so Dad: have a lovely day and don't forget there are a couple of major suprises coming! Love you loads and loads and loads, jen ;-).

OK back to nearly knitting content:

So I have the beautiful little car, which I struggled to leave this morning, I haven't got anywhere to go in it until this evening, so I just kept moving it from the other side of the street, and then back again until eventually its out side the house. I'm so sad I know!

So the poncho: the shoulders are still not right, so I've made a decision, I'm going to sew and cut, drastic I know, but I don't think it will unravel very well. I have made things on my knitting machine like that, so I'm not too worried, but my plan is to get it right and then knit another one and shape the shoulders accordingly, I will put the pattern here, because to be honest it is really really georgous, the colours are beautiful! Thanks for the comments by the way.

Again no pictures because of the damned batteries, I realised that my anal fiance unplugs everything, if he sees anything plugged in and we are not in the room, he unplugs it, which means the batteries never get charged!

We have a new short term lodger called Jasmine and she is inspired to start knitting, so I'm going to get her on the case. Oh and I am wearing the stripey cotton top I made ages ago for the first time, and I've already had a few comments, so it can't be bad!

Finally I have recieved my White Lies Design pattern for that lovely cardigan on the front page, I just need to find some approriate yarn now! I may have to pay a visit to the LYS. :-)

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