Friday, 16 July 2004

A hot wet day??

Its like the amazon rainforest here, its really warm, but also it's really wet, it's so weird. Apparently folklore says that if yesterday (which was St Swithen's day), if it rained then it would rain for the next 40 days, that would be my luck to have rain on my wedding day in the middle of august. (actually I pretend to moan, but I actually love it like this, I never go out in the sun when it's really hot because it makes me really sick, so at least when it's like this I go outside, and this is a bit English but you can have lovely big cups of tea and cake and watch the rain, and knit; Ooooh!

Anyway, here is a picture of my poncho which I frogged to get rid of the inconsistencies and started again, I really like it! pink_pnocho

And here is a better picture of the yarn I am using that I dyed on Saturday. Hmm very pleased with it!


And today no experiments, so I decided fridays are a good day to do some reading, and the chosen topic today is Attitudinal Ambivalence, sounds interesting huh? Well its eased down with: Wait for it: Pots of tea and cake!!

I can see a theme forming here :-) And just to prove it, here my dearly loved office teapot with a delicious gluten free cake, (I can't eat wheat, but just got a delivery of Gluten free cakes, so I'm making the most of it!)


Shutting up now, he he!

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