Tuesday, 13 July 2004

The clouds are breaking and .....

I'm making a superwarm middle of winter poncho with my hand painted yarn because it's so thick. I haven't got a pattern, I'm just increasing at the sides of every knit row and see how it grows, then when its the desired width I am going to cast off enough stitches to put my head through then i'll cast them on again and i'll start decreasing. Thats the plan anyway.... watch this space. Actually I think it will be my Big Brother Poncho, (because I knit it whilst I am watching Big Brother) Note here, (I watch it purely for the psychological aspects of course, not because I'm addicted) anyway if it works I'll publish a proper pattern here, because you could easily substitute collinette point 5.

I'm also knitting a little lace bag from the linen and viscose mix, I spun at the weekend.

Oh yes, and finally I have learnt how to spell 'haven't' how strange that it took me until I was 26 to remember the letter order.

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