Tuesday, 20 July 2004


The batteries on my camera just ran out again, weird, I've only used it twice. So there is no picture of my little lacey bag I designed and made, with the linen and viscose mix, Sorry!

Poncho is still blocking and should have something done to it tonight, well maybe because we are having our regular french night; french food, wine, and a film, and hard core knitters may be asking why are you mentioning this on a knitting weblog, well, actually!; I am going to learn to ask the directions for the wool shops in french so I can find them on my honey moon, now if thats not knitting dedication, I don't know what is!

And here is some news with a tenuous knitting link, no really! Car is due to be picked up this afternoon Horray! Colinette here we come, well, probably not till after the wedding. Oh talking of weddings does anyone have any ideas about something small I can knit and wear on my wedding day, I made a bet with my collegues that I will have something knitted on my wedding day, any ideas? (oh, but not a garter or underwear). I'll post a picture of the 'wool go getter' later. Hmm everything in my life really does revolve around my obsession doens't it!

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