Wednesday, 14 July 2004

When I said the clouds were breaking.....

I was lying! Well not quite, cardiff is covered in a mist of rain, I think it would be good to knit things which were water proof. Water proof yarns yeah!!

Ok Back to being serious, I noticed on the rowan website that 4ply soft is a good substitute for botany, well, there are about four patterns I would like to make from my Vintage knits book, which requires botany, so I am going to make a couple of them with my sale yarn from Colourway, when it arrives. Poncho still growing although a bit of frogging may happen, I started knitting with a bit I dyed which just happens to be much thicker than everything else, and it looks too different, I guess they must have stuck it it by mistake, however it's enough to make a nice hat, so i'm thinking of frogging and starting again.

I'm also knitting a lacey bag with the handspun linen, I can't remember if I've already mentioned that, but it's about half way through.

Its graduation today for psychology students, so I may pop down for a little free wine later, so I guess there might not be any knitting 2nite. Anth volunteered to sit on stage and so he has to wear a gown and a suit, he looks lovely! you can watch graduation online from 1.45pm Gm time.

Oh well, back to my experiments. Signing off. jen.

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