Thursday, 1 July 2004

My first day in my new job.

Well, it's my first day today, (the office I used to be in is now all mine, MINE!!!!!!! So I have thrown loads of other people junk away, and brought loads of plants, flowers and all I need now is a nice big bowl of fruit, to finish it off.

I might even post a picture! I realised this morning that I actually do not have a knitting project! AHHHHHH Shock horror! No wonder it's felt weird in the last couple of days.

So here I am in my new job which I love and it's for the next three years, and over that time I am going to use my improved pace of life and money situation to begin aquiring recources for a small buissness. This will run along side my day job, I can never just do one thing! I really feel like I need to direct my love of fibre in a positive direction, It might not work but then again who knows? Anyway I recieved my book from the Welsh development agency about starting your own buissness, and its really really good, I'm about half way through already. As for recources I am feeling that the next important aquisition is an ashford country spinner. It's especially built for rather large yarns, which is perfect for me because I want to have a go at some rather different novelty yarns.

So because I don't have a project I am destined to finish my lacey top, its the only unfinished thing I have, so here goes, oh and today is the first official day of the flowery poncho crochet along, I just need to dye my yarns ready, but I'm still a bit stuck on procion dyes, however I might just have a search around and try some other yarns I have instead.

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