Thursday, 8 July 2004

yarn sale!

Colourway are holding a summer yarn sale, so I have purchased some lilac summer tweed, and some soft 4ply in toffee apple. I havn't decided what to do with this yet, but I am planning to browse through my rowan mags tonight to decide. While I'm waiting for it to be delivered I will finish off my lacey top, also dye some yarn for a pink flower power poncho, I hate the green one, never mind. Oh, and I didn't realise that I can get Lana grossa from germany, (although I think marie may have already told me this) I found the web page yesterday and i'm going to order some India, however i can't find a pattern to see roughly how many balls to buy, if any one has any ideas i'd really appreciate some help!

Ah, take a look at this beautiful scarf! and this They are fabulous, made out of lana Grossa India, need I say more?

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