Tuesday, 6 July 2004

Poncho progress

Nearly finished the poncho, althouth to be honest it is a little bizarre, I'm not sure yet whether I love it or hate it. I have however decided to make myself a pink one because I wear loads of pink and it would be perfect to go with pink and white summer dresses, and some scrumptious pink linen trousers I have seen in coast.

Job is going really well, i'm really enjoying it, and having a couple of research ideas, which means I finally understand the topic, the psychology of attitiudes and prejadice can be a bit confusing, but i'm getting there. If my ideas get used and they work, I get a publication out of it, which is my next big research goal.

Anyway I have ordered a scrumptious pattern from this website: White lies designs its the cardigan on the front page, I loved it so much when I was browsing I had to get one. So hopefully I can start that when it comes. No knitting progress really, or dying or spinning, mainly because the wedding is taking over any free time. but I really need a project to ground me. I might pop into my LYS and get something from rowan to tie me over.

Got false nails on saturday when I was having trial wedding hair done, and I can still knit and crochet with them on, I just can't wipe my ass. LOL (sorry)

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