Tuesday, 15 March 2005

Long time no write!

Lots of things been happening, I have been knitting furiously, because knitting machine has died. Strangely the carriage chewed up my needles, which were OK the night before.

So I drove to Mrs Mac's in Swansea and brought some Jaeger mohair art in black, and am so far very happy with the results. I've knitted the back, one sleeve, and am on the second sleeve, once that's finished I just have to make the front pieces, which are rather complicated because their main function is to hold the sleeves and back in place but not to cover the front. Hmm, I hear you say, 'sound's a bit weird!' I don't think it will be, but still I haven't finished yet.

What else? oh it's my birthday tomorrow, but I have given up hopes of having a yarn related present because Anth panicked yesterday after months of ignoring me telling him which websites to get me presents from (knitting related of course) No knitting shops in the capital city of Wales, amazing isn't it?! Although I am pinning my hopes on some cash for shopping in London on Saturday.

all for now .....

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