Monday, 21 March 2005


I finished the commision! The most amazing piece of knitting I have ever done. Dad has taken photo's on his digital camera and will send them to me V soon, and I'll post them.

I managed to handknit it in a few days because it was quite a small piece, but it wasn't plain sailing, we had the fitting on Friday; the arms were much too wide and an inch too long!

Once we had established this I was feeling a little sick, and of course I said yes when she said 'could I change it?'. I left it in horror for while, had some wine, summoned up some Dutch courage, and got out my over locker and 'shaved' the arms into the correct shape, I was shaking as I was doing it, but it was amazing! The cuff flared outwards because of the overlocking, but I sewed the lace on and it looked absolutely beautiful, like it was meant to be!

Adrienne thought it was amazing (thankgoodness).

When Adrienne asked me how much it was worth I didn't have an answer. In financial terms materials cost £20, in terms of time about £150 (and thats only about £6 an hour, although quite alot that was due to it being the first pattern I have developed, so it involved alot of reading and preparation)

In terms of learning about myself and how chuffed I feel, and  the skills I've learnt, the damn thing is priceless!

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