Thursday, 7 April 2005

A really nice day today!

I've had a lovely day in work with my great bosses, and got loads done. Anth and I have aggreed to get broadband at home so I can finally start on my proper website. On the downside Stitch n' Bitch has been cancelled because Marie isn't too well (those hats on her recent post are fab, I even got to try them on!) At least it means I get to spoil my stressed husband with a nice dinner and some more epsiodes of 24 series 1, I am so hooked on that show.

Spring Knitty is up Hooray!!

I have decided on the competition! There will be a couple of categories to win different things; a spinning one, to guess the weight of a pile of cashmere, and a yarn one, where you have to guess the length of the Yarn. So the prize for the spinning competition will be some have carded bats which will include cashmere among other scrumptious fibres and some hand spun yarn for guessing the length, which I will probably spin at the weekend. I'll aim to set it up monday morning.

What have I been knitting? well I have just finished a summer tweed jumper, and here it is blocking on my art room floor:


I know it doesn't look very even but I hadn't finished stretching it out at the time of the photo. I never block like this, I normally steam iron things but the yarn smells so strong it needed to be thouroughly washed, I was however rather vigorous and it has stretched rather alot, I am hoping it's going to shrink when it dries, hmm, I should have swatched and washed it first.

Secondly here is a picture of some laceweight mohair I got from Undy yarns, which I painted pink using silk dyes, the result is really pretty however it takes up way to much paint and is not meant for yarns, I'll stick to gaywool dyes in the future.


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