Friday, 29 April 2005

Serious picture post today!

Well as for a translation at the bottom of my last post, it very simply says (at least I hope it does) that I did some dyeing of wool last weekend and this weekend I am going to buy some more yarn to dye.Vera's yarn really looks like and the colour's are quite true to real:

Actually I have placed a nice fat order to Wingham wool  for some rather exciting fibers, including kid mohair, yak, silk and alpaca. Hm, you can tell it's payday today can't you!!

And now for the really exciting bit, my lovely friend Carl very kindly agreed to take some pictures of my spinning and dying that I have been doing lately. So this is what


So up next is my beautiful mohair I dyed on the weekend in the microwave:



Next I hear you screaming? there can't possibly be more?? Oh yes there is so much more HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (in an evil menacing voice)

(Whats more worrying is that I'm writing this and speaking out loud in my office as I write. LOL)

Next up; Cashmere spinning: This is about 30% cashmere and 70 scrummy soft merino.


OK so whats next, AH yes! A little skein tester of kid mohair and a with a little silk blended in, this is such a pretty little yarn, I will definitely make more of this stuff.


Finally I'm knitting a shawl thing from a novelty yarn I made with cotton and silk. here is a sample of the knitting


Here's the Welsh:

Mae hi'n heulog bore ma. Byddai'n mynd i Magor gyda Carmen a Marie yfory. Byddai'n prynu a edafedd a fwyta cinio.

Dw i wedi prynu edafedd ar y rhyngrwyd; camel, kid mohair, a yak. Dw i eisiau lliwio ar nos sadwrn gyda fy lyss mab. Byddi troelli fy edafedd nos sul.

A little repeated but some extra too!!

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