Tuesday, 26 April 2005

What's been goin on??

Good morning Campers!!. A prize for the person who can tell me what programme this comes from and what nationality they are.

Things are fabulous in Fyberspates land.  Notice on the banner it now mentions something about this blog being bilingual, yes well, I decided to try and write a little bit about my knitting in Welsh at the end of each post, I am hoping that it will force me to learn new vocabulary and improve my Welsh learning a little. It might only be  a sentance or two to start with, but I am at the beginning!

My secret project is coming along nicely, although it may be a little while before I unearth it.

I've been dyeing like mad! I have avoided using proper acid dyes for ages, I always use gaywool, and although thay are fantastic I needed something a little cheaper and flexible in colour. So I have dyed three hands of mohair the most beautiful purples, pinks and oranges, I know it sounds odd but it's fabulous, the only downfall is that the presoak stinks! But its a small price to pay for yarns to dye for, (hehe). 

Hopefully I will get my freind to take some photo's. But you know me and my promises about photo's, still no shrug pictures and no purple summer tweed jumper, I could be  making the whole lot up for all you know.

Ok so here the attempt 'yn Cymreag'.

Dw i wedi lliwio edafedd penwythnos diwetha. Dwi'n eisher mynd'r siopa penwythnos nesa a prynu i'r edafedd.

Any welsh readers, I'm happy for any feedback on this!

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