Saturday, 17 December 2005


My mum does the best christmas presents! Firstly she brought me a really unusual jumper, which I am wearing, a very strange shape, but looks amazing, I'll add a picure once the photo's on typepad are back to normal, and then her and dad made up the most amazing food hamper I have ever seen! It's huge, just Huge! She made it mostly gluten free, which is so thoughtful of her and amongst many things there were luxuries such as fabulous coffees, ammeratti biscuits, cheeses, dates, crackers, baby pears in almond sauce, lobster bisque, nuts, chocolates, dried fruits, wine, vegetable crisps, amazing curry sauces, and mango chutney, 2 different types of pesto, christmas puddng, shortbread, champagne, salmon, sardines....loads more .....I can't go on! There was also a huge box of luxury (snap) crackers (i'm not too sure if other countries have these, but they are tubes that you pull , they go crack, with a little explosion, and then you have a toy/gift a silly hat and a very bad joke!) and sprinkles of chocolate money. Amazing, What a fab present. Thanks mum and dad you are the best ever.

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