Wednesday, 14 December 2005


I'm a little addicted to my spinning wheel at the moment, I spun some more of the turquiose and brown yarn for a freind, there will be some in the shop too, because it's a bit of a popular colour.


I also spun some orange and red yarn for the shop which contains lengths of puffy silk, its a huge skein or yarn and the silk makes it so soft.


I took a little trip to getknitted on the way to taking carmen to the the airport for the last time (sob sob) I'm going to miss her so much :-(

I have a tradition of knitting a noro jumper every christmas, and so this time I decided to try some silver thaw in this colour:


I can't wait to start, but I'm trying to save it for the holiday.

While I was there I got some noro tubu on sale and it's perfect for a scarf for Anthony  for christmas:


Hmm it does have the texture of a rug, anyone know of any manly scarf patterns for tubu?

Knitting experiment commences tomorrow, rather excited actually, I think this might be rather fun. we also have our stitch  n' bitch christmas party tomorrow evening as well I think there might be quite a bit of  food and alcohol involved!

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