Thursday, 29 December 2005

Happy holidays.

Well, I've had a really great Christmas, lots of knitting and not allot of anything else! Got to be good.

I got a couple of great knitting presents, a lovely knitting pattern calendar from Marie, And from Anth I got Lantern moon needles, a novelty tape measure with a fluffy end, and a knitting magazine, OH, and two Kaffe Fasset books! How sweet is that?Yarn_colourways_035  I tried the lantern moon needles with some tussah silk I had left over from the shop. They are dreamy to knit with, so comfortable! I'll think I'll be collecting these.

The next picture I just have to show you because it's Sage being cute on Christmas morning, messing about in the packaging!


And finally my Noro cardigan! I'm very pleased with this, and here's why:

A couple of months ago, I had my colours done, because I often buy clothes and wool in colours I love, and then I am really disappointed when I knit them because the don't look right on me. So after much hit and miss, I had my colours done and I'm an autumn.

So in-line with the diagnosis I started buying clothes in those colours, and quell suprise they look great! Then I visited Getknitted before Christmas to get my Christmas noro project, and saw the wool, I was a little apprehensive because I wouldn't normally buy those particular colours but they were my colours! So I took a chance and made the cardigan. And weirdly I will wear it allot, because it just suits me! I can't believe I've been getting it wrong all this time. I also took a look in my UFO box and realized that all the things I haven't finished are jumpers which are not my colours.

Anyone got any thoughts on this?

The cardigan is knitted in Noro silver thaw, I had to completely adapt the pattern because it was written for silk garden, and it's SIlver thaw is a very different guage, but thankfully it fits great .

Anyway here is the cardigan:


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