Monday, 2 January 2006

Partys and yarn

I can't believe the holidays are over. I had an amazing New year, met some really nice people, and it was completely packed with drama. So much so, it was like a Christmas day episode of East Enders! But that's all you're getting!

I did however stay up until 6am new years day. It's strange, because when I was younger I used to struggle with parties and staying up late,  but now I just love it.    It's like the older you get the less you want to miss, even if it is just a good chat with good friends, obviously it helps if you are well oiled with sloe Gin and coke, Yuk!

You can imagine how I felt when I had to get up at 10am to let the Buddhists in for New years day Gongyo (its a tradition to chant on New years day to make a good start to the year, and I really needed it!), and it was an hour of chanting! Still it's the best hang over cure.                                                                                                Although I do have to say thanks to Anth for tidying everything up and doing all the washing up before I got my hung-over butt out of bed. So really, I didn't have to actually physically let anyone in, or worry about anything, (not that I could if I'd wanted to) so he just propped me up against the wall, and I just grimaced as people walked passed and gave me a cheerful kiss. (sorry about the punctuation in that description, I can't seem to get it right)

New years resolution........Enjoy myself as much as I did last year.

I will post a picture of me in my cardigan, it's sort of stuck to me now.....oh and my freind Viki came home from china and brought me some fantastic burnt orange silk fabric, so I'm going to make some trousers like ones I saw in Vogue ages ago.

I have this week of to work on CyberFyber and get some patterns up together for something rather special, and also to stock the shop. I updated today with some silk, merino and Cotswold tops, and will update later with some limited edition yarn.

It's really hard having to make things to sell, I make it and then want to keep it all, especially the silk. Well mainly this one actually!


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